Darlene KULIG

price range 1100-4000


kulig @ state of the art gallery toronto

Sailing on the ocean blue

30x60" acrylic on canvas


Woman in Plush Robe 36x36" acrylic on canvas

Iceberg Family

36x36" acrylic on canvas

Yellow Sky Tourquoise Lake Red Canoe 60x30"

Scotish Suburbs 30x30"

darlene Kulig

Irish Loop Drive - Newfoundland

48x24" acrylic on canvas

Graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design she quickly moved into a commercial setting and within four years of graduating was running her own successful design studio. Her solid understanding of design and composition can be seen in the underlying elements that both anchor and free her painting. Always balancing art with business throughout her 25-year career as a graphic designer, Darlene won awards for her design both in Canada and the United States and also participated as a juror in design and art competitions. 

"The designer in me loves simple shape and bold colour while the ever evolving painter in me explores light, rhythm and personal connection" -D.K.

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