Mariette Savard


looking forward

acrylic on canvas 48x36"


a new alliance

a new alliance

10x10 acrylic on canvas

Born in Longueuil, Quebec, in 1954.

"To make fruits interact with each other instead of human figures creates a special dynamic, an atmosphere and an emotion that permits me to create pictorial spaces where perspective is totally absent. In that way, my paintings could be assimilated to abstraction but always elaborating on traditional subjects. My work cannot be defined as a still life because action is always present in the composition. It is with a humoristic touch that I wish to express my vision of the world and interactions between people".

At first, she wants to create a relation, which supports the composition. Later in the process, she will concentrate her attention on form and color.

Above all, Mariette Savard's research is mainly emotional; and when the emotion emerges and sublimates color, form, technique… she knows that she has touched the essence of it.