Gérard Castonguay

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Born in Montreal, Canada, on December 21st, 1933.

Graphic artist and illustrator for 30 years, Gérard Castonguay is a painter since the 1970's. His work is a combination of planning and imagination. Although he likes to know what the background will be beforehand, sudden flashes of intuition provide him with many ideas, which will be integrated into a work in progress.

In his opinion, there are three elements that decide whether a work of art is good: color, composition and light. He strives to combine them in order to achieve balance. This is what he believes makes his work dynamic.
His style is neither figurative nor surrealist but somewhere in between. He incorporates dream and reality to obtain the effects that characterize his paintings: disproportionate figures that suggest movement and landscapes that appear unreal with leaning buildings and trees. Each artist's work is a reflection of his or her personality. He likes to think that his paintings reflect his perceptions and experience.

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