Sacha Barrette

Price range: $1000-6000

Alley summer dream

36x60 acrylic on canvas



Alley de la joie

40x40 acrylilic on canvas 3800.00


Ruelle plein feu

54x48 acrylic on canvas



Ville Turquoise

Tuquoise City

28x42" acrylic on canvas




Parmi les abres

48x24" acrylic on canvas


Homage Baroque

48x36" acrylic on canvas


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Sacha Barrette was born in Saguenay Lac St-Jean, Quebec, Canada in 1965.

Sacha left his native region for Montreal, obtained in 1982 a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Quebec in Montreal and worked in the visual arts field for numerous advertising firms. He taught private painting classes until he decided to devote himself entirely to his art.
He has traveled throughout Canada, The United States, Latin America and France, rebuilding his palette of colors and reaffirming his style. Currently he resides in the Quebec countryside where he found not only the colors he had experienced in his travels, but also the joy of painting.
He works with color in such a way as to keep its original purity, thereby giving the subject its unique shape, texture and light, all applied "almost flat". Hence, the colors are allowed to express themselves.

1997: Participates in an important serie focused on Chili's culture; meets and associates himself with the head of the "Centre multiculturel - La Fondation Victor Jara" in Santiago, Chile.

1996: Illustrations for the book "L'Histoire de Nelson", written by Joane Lalancette, édition d'art La Sauvagine; and contributes to the Ste-Justine Foundation in Montreal.

1994: Teaches visual arts with his wife in a private school located in the State of Oaxaca in Mexico.
Creates a fresco in a dome for Mr. Santibanez.

1992: Meets with the film-maker Guido Lombardi and executes, at his request, "Cinq tableaux souvenirs" of scenes taken from the set of the movie "Vandetta".

Gives private painting courses in the Outaouais region.

1989: Participates in the creation of different live paintings in Montreal.

1988: Associates himself with the famous comic strip creator named Prouche in order to complete the comic strip based on the history of Alphonse Desjardins.

1985: Teacher's assistant in a drawing course in graphic design at the University of Quebec in Montreal for the professor Maurice Macot.

Creates a comic strip for the Comic strip by computer Forum in Ghand, Belgium



2011: Keystone Gallery, Calgary, Canada

2008: Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, Canada

2007: State Of The Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2004-2001: Pavillon des Arts de Ste-Adele, Quebec, Canada

2000: State Of The Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1999: Art Expo, New York, USA

1998: Exhibition in Mexico city.

Took part in ¨La Tournée des Vingt¨, open-door exhibition presenting 20 artists of the the Brome-Missisquoi region.

Solo exhibition,¨L'Art de l'Epoque¨, Aylmer, Quebec.

Trio exhibition with ¨Le bateau lavoir¨, centre d'art contemporain de

Montréal; "Le Belgo", Montreal.

1997: Took part in the ¨Festivart¨ of Frelighsburg.

Solo exhibition "Voyage au Chili", "L'Art de l'Epoque", Aylmer, Qc.

1996: Group exhibition of ¨Le groupe des Artistes Associés¨, Val-David, Quebec.

Solo exhibition, "L'Art de l'Epoque", Aylmer, Quebec.

Exhibition with " l'Association des peintres professionnels du Québec", Place Ville-Marie, Montreal.

1994: Permanent exhibition, "Galerie d'art Jaccar", Aylmer, Quebec.

1993: Exhibition, McDonald Club, Ottawa.

Exhibition, ¨La Petite Maison des Arts¨, Montreal.

1992: Exhibition, ¨La Boutique d'art d'Outremont¨, Outremont, Quebec.

Exhibits with ¨Mouvement Pinceau¨, Montreal.

Exhibition of Watercolours ¨Vues sur Montréal¨, "Galerie d'art Le Néoniste", Montreal.

1990: Exhibition, "La Maison de la culture de Rivières des Prairies", Rivières des Prairies, Quebec.

1988-1989: Exhibits with painter Arthur Villeneuve, Place des Goélettes, Chicoutimi, Quebec.

Exhibit "Galerie d'art L'Imprévu", Montreal.

1987: Exhibits with ¨Le Groupe des Arts¨, Montreal.

First exhibition, "Galerie d'art Le Néoniste", in Montreal.

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