Todd Tremeer

prices range 150-4000

"My paintings begin with direct observation of the subject. Be it a museum interior, an isolated object or landscape, I find painting on location to be the most effective way to capture the spirit of the subject. Small panels and oil paint are my preferred materials, the smoothness of the panel and slow drying time of oil allow the paint’s surface to be quickly built up, moved around and drawn over with small brushes, sharp tools or wiped with rags."

Museums Paris France


todd tremeer

The Frame Shop

10x14" oil on panel


The Canadian Landscapes


Todd Tremeer

Turning Colors

12x16" oil on canvas


killarney colors Todd Tremeer

Killarney Colors 2

oil on wood panel 9x12"


todd tremeer

Boulders Killarney

oil on wood panel 9x12


waterplants Killarney Todd Tremeer

Waterplants Killarney

oil on wood panel 9x12"


George lake Todd Tremeer

Small Bay George Lake

16x24" oil on canvas


please contact the gallery for more plein air works


The Artists Studio

Studio 8x10 oil on panel

Studio 8x10 oil on panel

Studio 8x10 oil on panel


mini toys soldiers zamboni hot wheels mounties here



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2007   Masters Fine Arts, University of Western Ontario         
1998   Bachelor of Education, University of Brock 
1997   Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) University of Guelph
1995   Fine Arts Diploma, Ontario College of Art & Design
1995   Studies Abroad Florence, Italy (Ontario College of Art & Design)


Exhibitions                                                   (solo*, 2-3 artists**, group***)

2013        “Boxed-in” The Rooms, St. John’s NL.(travelling)***

2011           Wargames, St.Thomas-Elgin Art Centre,              St.Thomas (Jan 15 –March 5)*   Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Award Winners, First Canadian Place, Toronto (Jan.17-Feb.25)*** Canadian Printmakers, Cultural Centre: Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC., (Feb.)***  Todd Tremeer & Pierre Durette.  Atelier Circulaire, Montreal (Mar. 4 - Apr. 24)**  Todd Tremeer: Picturing the Past, White Wall North Gallery, Toronto (June).*   History Painting, Harcourt House Arts Centre, Edmonton, Alberta (July 21-Aug.27).*    New Paintings: Town Hall Gallery, Bowmanville (Nov).*  

2010           Making War, Centre for the Arts, Elora (Jan. 7 – Feb. 14)*   Little Wars (Make Me)), Lab: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, British Columbia (Aug. 8 – Oct. 24)*   Todd Tremeer: War Up Close, White Water Artist Run Centre, North Bay (Sept 10 – Oct. 16)*    LOLA Festival – London, Ontario (Sept. 16 – 19)***   Wargames “Culture Days” Forest City Gallery, London Sept. 24-25.* Reconnaissance: William MacDonnell & Todd Tremeer.  Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre (Nov. 13 - Dec. 18)**

2009           A Past Again, Station Gallery, Whitby*   Best of 2008: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Award Winners.  First Canadian Place, Toronto***
Replay, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville*   Toy Soldiers: Todd Tremeer, Toni Hafkenscheid, Bruce Montcombroux. Forest City Artist Run Centre, London**   A Past Again, Centre for the Arts, Cambridge*

2008           The Great War, Library, St. Erme, France*  
Joseph Plaskett Winners Exhibition 2004-2005, Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr Institute, Victoria BC***  
Summer Show, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope***   New Work, Michael Gibson Gallery, London***

2007           Painting History/ History Painting, Macintosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London*
 Things Unseen, Clarington Museum & Archives, Bowmanville*.   Destinations Real or Imagined.  Open Studio/Toronto International Airport *** Print Show, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto***

  1. 2006           Things Unseen, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville*
    1. Control Group 9, The ArtLab, University of Western Ontario, London***


2005           Ideas & Process, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope*
Baghdad Museum Project (travelling show)- Propeller Centre (Toronto), Latcham Gallery (Stouffville, 2004), Visual Arts Centre (Bowmanville, 2004)***

2004           Landscapes:  Etchings & Oils, All Seasons Gallery, Toronto *   Portrait of a Town, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope***   Land and Water, First Canadian Place/ Painted City Gallery, Toronto***   Duotopias: curatorial project by Robin Pacific.  Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville***

  1. Etchings and Drawings, Town Hall Gallery, Bowmanville*   Impressions – Seven Printmakers, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville***


2002           Drawing - Juried show, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto***   Aspects of Realism, First Canadian Place/Painted City Gallery, Toronto***

2001           Energy Implosion: The (905) Imagination, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa***                                                     
Recent Works, Painted City Gallery, Toronto***

  1. New Artists, Painted City Gallery, Toronto***
  2. Making History, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville*


  1. After Pictures, Chris Down, Jane Eccles and Olexander Wlasenko.  Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville (June 6-July 4)

Mural Commissions
1998-2005  Historical Mural Series, Bowmanville.  Permanent installation, 12 murals each approx 10 x 20 feet

Published Writings

  1. After Pictures: Chris Down, Jane Eccles, Olexander Wlasenko.  [Exhibition catalogue], Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville.  ISBN 978-1-926772-03-5

2007        Painting History/ History Painting.  [Master’s thesis]  Advisor: Prof. Patrick Mahon, University of Western Ontario

Awards/ Residencies 
2011           Artists in Education Program Grant, Ontario Arts Council
                   Best in Category Award: Watercolour, Toronto Outdoor Art Show

2010           Production Grant, Canada Council
                   Mid-Career Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
                   Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
                   Artist Bursery, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville
                   “Untapped” Emerging Artist Award, Toronto Artist Project
Juror’s Choice Award, Recall: Annual Juried Show, Scarborough Art’s Council
                   Best in Category Award: Watercolour, Toronto Outdoor Art Show

2009           Gushul Studio—Artist in Residence, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.  Trap\door Artist Run Centre, Lethbridge (Sept.)

  1. Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council

                   Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
                   Best in Category Award: Watercolour, Toronto Outdoor Art Show
Residency: Performing Arts Forum (PAF), St. Erme, France.  (Jan-March & Oct-Nov.)
2007        Joseph Plaskett Award (1 year travel/ research grant)
        Printmaking Juried Show, Honourable Mention, John B. Aird Gallery
        Mary Routledge Award, University of Western Ontario
        Visual Arts Research and Travel Grant, University of Western Ontario

2002                        Drawing, 3rd Annual Juried Show, Honourable Mention, John B. Aird Gallery

  1. 1999        28th Annual Juried Show, Honourable Mention, University of Guelph

                                Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Honourable Mention-Printmaking 

Guest Juror/ Conference Speaker
2011        Juror - Juried show, Markham Group of Artists Association
2010        History Painting (artist talk), University of Nipissing, Fine Arts Dept. Oct. 20, 2010
Creating 1812: Commemoration, National Identity & Roll for the Arts, April 23-24, Hamilton (guest panel presenter)
Juror- Juried Show, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville
Juror- Drawing Juried Show, John B. Arid Gallery, Toronto

  1. Oshawa Art Association, Annual Show

Durham College, Foundation Studies, Annual Show

Reviews and Catalogues  
Dault, Meredith, review of “Reconnaissance: William MacDonnell & Todd Tremeer at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre” in Border Crossings Magazine.  Issue no.117, April 2011.   
Canadian Art Magazine Online, “Todd Tremeer: War Games”
Wlasenko, Olexander, and Maura Broadhurst.  Todd Tremeer.  Whitby, Station Gallery: A Past Again, and Stouffville, Latcham Gallery: Replay, 2009.  ISBN 978-0-9690917-6-9
Chase, Christy.  “The Art of War Gets a Closer Look in New Exhibit.”  This Week, January 16, 2009. 
Conway, Carly.  “‘Art of War’ Brings Ghosts of War into Present: Western grad reinvents concept of historical art.”  The Gazette, September 7, 2007.
Cherry, Maralynn, and Susan Mariglia Bosgraaf.  Todd Tremeer: Things Unseen.  Bowmanville: Visual Arts Centre, and the Clarington Museums & Archives, 2007.  ISBN 978-0-9737906-5-8
Pacific, Robin.  Duotopias, Bowmanville: Visual Arts Centre, 2004.  ISBN 0-9733768-5-6
Black, Charlie.  Lasting Impressions: Seven Printmakers.  Bowmanville: Visual Arts Centre, 2003. ISBN 0-9730520-7-4
Wlasenko, Olexander.  Energy Implosion: the (905) Imagination.  Oshawa: Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2001. ISBN 0-921500-45-9
Rodgers, Margaret.  Making History at the Mill.  Bowmanville: Visual Arts Centre, 1999. 

Art Teaching:  Employment

Artist in Education (Ontario Arts Council, 2011 ) &  ArtSmarts (Durham Board of Education, 2009-ongoing)
                   Created & taught multi-day art projects that integrate visual arts with other curriculum areas.  Grades 4 – 12. 

University Drawing Explorations, created and taught course as primary instructor,  – University of Western. 2006-07.
Foundations Studio, teaching assistant shared in evalution, critique tasks, taught projects: painting, lino-cut. 
Advisor to 4th yr independent studies student – University of Western, 2005-06. 

College      Drawing 1 (now called figure drawing) 2003-06 (Art Fundamentals); 
                   Intro to Art History, Drawing 1, Anatomy for Animators, 1999-03 (Cont. Ed. & Part-time Studies), Sheridan College Institute.
 Printmaking (linocut, drypoint & monoprint) Durham College (Foundation Studies), 2011. 

Elementary  Certified Ontario elementary teacher (grades 4-10), teachable: visual arts
                   Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board,1997-05.  (Kindergarten - gr. 8), supply teaching and special contracts to create and teach art in the schools. 
                   Worked 4 year/ twice monthly  as a visiting artist  at Dr. Ross Tilley Public School, Bowmanville.  2001- 2005

                   Athabasca Street Public School, Durham Board of Education, part-time special education teacher, art teacher and supply teacher with Durham Board of Ed.  1997-00. 

Galleries   Etching (adults), Arts Infused (gr.8/Jan-Feb. 09),  Science in Motion (gr.8/May 08), Art Camp (gr.1-4/summer 08).  Created & taught projects, worked in partnership with schools to meet & integrate art, history & science Curriculum Expectations, Station Gallery, Whitby, 2008-10.

Lost Secrets of the Old Masters (painting/adults) & Figure Drawing, (adults), Museum London.  2006-07.

Numerous courses: drawing, painting, sculpture, etching (gr.1-adult). 
Curiculum Connections: artist in schools, promoted, created & taught integrated art, history and science curriculum expectations, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville, 1995-06.  

Printshop technician  Reopened and continuing to work on a volunteer basis  the running of Station Gallery’s Boxcar printmaking studio.  I have made minor repairs to printing presses, taught printmaking and worked with gallery staff to establish safety policies, shop procedures.  I have initiated open acess strategies to encourage shop use by others. 


recently sold works

Todd Tremeer