Alexandre Zerbé

Price range: $1000-15 000

At night, the city is filled with mystery and shadows, leading us to wonder what we can’t see. This is the city at night."


Phare ouest

50x26 acrylic on canvas 2100.00


Zone Rouge

Red Zone

36x48" acrylic on canvas


alexander zerbe paintings

Lux Orient

74x30" acrylic on canvas




Les milles et une rue

The thousand and the street

36x60" acrylic on canvas


zerbe cuba


48x90" acrylic on canvas



Les ruelles atmospheriques

The atmospheric alleys

20x60" acrylic on canvas




36x72" acrylic on canvas


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sI am greatly interested in those notions of universality and diversification of the language, visual or other. Although it can seem contradictory, my own universality can be found in the constancy of my acrylics, which depict impressions of architectural and everyday scenes, in playful and intimate atmospheres.

In 1997, Alexandre obtained a Bachelor in Fine Art from Montreal's Concordia University along with a Minor in Art History from the University of Montreal. During his studies and since the completion of his education, Alexandre has exhibited throughout various galleries in Montreal and has been involved in numerous projects, including animation, television commercials, live painting and book illustrations.

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